OTARU, October 3-8, 2010



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Special Issue

As a post workshop project, a special issue is being arranged in PAGEOPH.
The details are as follows.

  • Tentative Title:
    "Earthquake and Tsunami Science: Towards Disaster Prevention"
  • Guest Editors:
    Eiichi Fukuyama with 2-3 co-editors (not assigned yet)
  • Scope:
    Simulations of earthquake and tsunamis are conducted for the mitigation of natural disasters cooperating with field observations. In this special issue, the topics related to earthquake generation and cycles, earthquake source dynamics, earthquake scaling physics, seismic wave propagation, data assimilations, and computational environment and algorithms are welcome.
  • Deadline for Submission:
    January 31, 2011
  • Submission Procedure:
    Submission should be made online at http://pageoph.edmgr.com/
    At the first page of the web, you have to choose the article type as

    "Report - Top. Vol.: Disaster Prevention".

Please note that in this special volume we do not limit to the papers that presented in the ACES workshop. If you have a topic related to the scope of this special issue, we welcome your submission.


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