OTARU, October 3-8, 2010



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The nearest airport for Otaru is the New Chitose airport. There are many domestic flights from all over Japan including Narita, Chubu and Kansai. There are some international flights from Taipei and Seoul.

JR train called "Rapid Airport Express" runs every 30 minutes for Otaru. The station is located at the underground level of the airport. Take the train until the Otaru-Chikko station (two station before the Otaru station). It takes about 1 hour.

IMPORTANT: Please take the train for "OTARU". Rapid Airport Express has several destinations.

IMPORTANT: Please purchase your ticket (\1550) from an automated ticket vendor before passing the automatic ticket gate.

From the Otaru-Chikko station, the Otaru Grand Park Hotel is in a walking distance (~ 5 min.). In the daytime (10AM-9PM) you can walk through a shopping mall to the hotel. In other time, go down to the ground level and walk along the southern side of the shopping mall.


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